Ayurveda recognizes each person as unique.
Everyone is born with a metabolic type (dosha), perfectbalance that works to be and live healthy.
According to this oldest recorded healing system (more than 5,000 years) any deviation or modification of the metabolic type (dosha) causes imbalances in the body that can lead to metabolic disorders and future diseases.


Ayurvedic techniques aim to restore the original dosha.
Therefore, it is very impotant to know the metabolic type (dosha) of the person, to provide the perfect care.
Any Ayurvedic practice must be preceded by a consultation to determine the metabolic type, the person's needs and to establish theplan of care by mutual agreement.


The techniques are customized to provide maximum efficiency.
For example, a single massage will have different effects depending on its speed, pressure, its harmony and oil (and synergy of essential oils). It is therefore, extremely important to customize the ingredients and technique.


Ayurvedic-naturopath, I include systematically a initial consultation to my treatment. This consultation takes about 30 minutes, based on listening.
hanks to this I will determine the dosha of the person to choose essential oils that go into massage oil, to provide dietary and lifestyle advices valuable additions to the manual techniques .

Although Ayurveda is recognized as a true medicine by WHO (World Health Organization), French legislation does not consider it as such and its practitioners are not doctors.


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