"About Us"

For this, we settled on the heights of Mazamet and Pont de L'Arn, in the Tarn (81).
Away from the nuisances of the city, in a green setting, we created the Mas-Lanka Center.

This Ayurvedic center is a reflection of what Ayurveda has brought us and the image of what we want to bring you : the site inspires serenity, the panoramic view inspires the feeling of freedom, nature brings the good air.

You will be welcomed in a bright space where the calm reigns perfect for listening to yourself, an atmosphere out of time, the exotic setting inviting to travel ... to the discovery of oneself.

Coming to the Mas-Lanka center, it is the guarantee to rejuvenate you from the daily stress thanks to a personalized welcome.

Our teachers and our references are :

Sri Lanka :   
Siddhalepa Ayurvedic center 

France :        Denise Plantevin
Yves Eckert (Association Amethyst)
André Passebecq of Vie et Action
Pure & Simple laboratory
Eckhart Tolle

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