Vedic Listening

Philotherapy : helps you understand life differently, to be here and now, to discover your deepest Being. It is your guide to conscience, feel free of patterns and beliefs weight, guilty of your suffering. You will be able to interior renewal for a outdoor of
joy and happiness.

              Jivana (Spiritual Magnetism)
Meens "The Source".

Magnetism of the Universe, spiritual source of all life.
Real channel,
the practitioner will use different levels of connection with your chakras (energy centers) to restore balance.
A subtle work on your etheric body for a total body-emotion-mental reharmonization.

 Decrystallization of your negative emotions (Belly)


The belly is our very first brain where our emotional shocks enter and are stored if they are not managed immediately.
In the futur, they crystallize, causing organic disturbances, even pathology.
This technique makes it possible to locate these crystallizations, to unblock them and to make them disappear.
Features: palpation of the abdomen, pressures and gentle massage.
Well-being after: release of emotions, relaxed belly and general well-being.


                           The use of plants


At all times, in all medicines, in all cultures, plants have been used in different forms fort treatement.  Recent discoveries also confirm, reinforce and add virtues and therapeutic properties for each species.  Modernism also allows us to benefit from plants that do not necessarily grow in our regions, which gives a greater choice.
During a consultation, depending on your needs and your approach, we can direct you to plants that will help you.
Aromatherapy: The use of essential oils
"Essential oil is the soul of the plant". This may explain why they act both physically and emotionally (wounding the soul).
In single, synergistic, pure or diluted form, their use can be internal as well as external or even without contact at all, just by perfume.


            Nutritional coaching

We accompany you for shopping in your favorit stores and guide you to a best method of purchasing in conscience.
Reveals that it is possible to eat well by buying otherwise without spending more.

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               Lifestyle and Nutritional Advices

Consultation : a diagnosisis is established. It allows to know your body type according to Ayurveda (dosha), your eating habits and to notice imbalances.

Advices : It will be prescribed a diet according to your needs. You will learn how to choose foods that will give tone and balance. You will find health and happiness. Further, lifestyle advices will help you realize it's easy to stay healthy in the joy and optimism.

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Rebalancing of the seven energy centers with aromatherapy session and choice of the adapted synergy.
Application of essential oils on specific points of the body and advice to continue care at home by yourself
Through the release of blockages, you will feel in harmony, experience joy and a sense of peace.